• Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins and Cortland Counties: “Building Community” project will expand existing “Women Build” project to include more women and young adult women by offering training in construction trades and essential skills for their own empowered futures. This innovative program educates women and young adult women in real-life home construction and employable skills, builds community and increases engagement.


  • Removing Roadblocks/Postpartum Support
    Child Development Council
    Assisting women enrolled in the Family Services Program to remove roadblocks preventing them from meeting their education, employment, and parenting goals. Also to sustain a postpartum group offering support to new moms in the community.
  • Women Artists Having their Say
    ClosetoHome Productions
    Telling the stories of women artists in the community through multi-media presentations.
  • Black Girl Alchemists Public Art Mosaic Project
    Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County
    Creating three public art mosaic murals showcasing the voices and creative works of Black girls and women.
  • Empowering Underserved Girls through Creativity in STEM
    Free Science Workshop
    The Free Science Workshop will address the need for equitable access to after school enrichment for marginalized girls in Tompkins County while addressing the broader need for gender equity and diversity representation in STEM.
  • Gaia Girls
    Ithaca Children's Garden
    Gaia Girls after school program tailored toward middle school girls offers participants lessons from positive adult and teen role models. Girls investigate topics of personal growth with environmental metaphors and comparisons, including topics of identity, self-image, friendships, self-care, and navigating conflict.
  • Ithaca Free Clinic - Healthcare and Diagnostic Services for Women
    Ithaca Free Clinic
    Supporting access to diagnostic and medical testing required to meet the unique healthcare needs of women utilizing Free Clinic services.
  • Keep Our Juniors Rollin'
    Ithaca League of Women Rollers
    Support for junior roller derby scholarships, uniforms, and expenses for tournaments.
  • Global Roots Play School
    Ithaca Welcomes Refugees
    Subsidize tuition for the children of low-income women enrolled in ESL classes allowing the children to benefit from the impactful early childhood education offered by Global Roots Play School.
  • Preventing the Cycle of Abuse & Violence in Young Families
    The Learning Web
    Engage disconnected at-risk young parents ages 16-24 in preventive education and services to reduce the occurrence/reoccurrence of abuse and violence in young families.
  • College Initiative Upstate: Wise Women
    Offender Aid and Restoration
    Giving critical assistance to female students who are unable to proceed with plans to apply to, enroll in, or continue college because of outstanding debs, fines, or other expenses.
  • Girls Gain Technical Theater Skills from Women Designers
    Running to Places Theater Company
    Empowering female participants in the Running to Places Theater Company to engage in the technical side of theater by providing strong female role models.
  • Youth Music Program for Girls
    Southside Community Center
    Funding for music classes for after school program participants, private music lessons, and other support.
  • Well Read Black Girl Book Club
    Southside Community Center and Buffalo Street Books
    Book club focused on amplifying the voices of classic and emerging Black women writers, while having enriching conversations and inviting new readers into the bookstore community.