The Women Building Community (WBC) is thrilled to announce the grant recipients for 2021-2022, selected by the board of the City Federation of Women’s Organizations (CFWO).

The following projects coordinated by the designated organizations are the WBC Grant recipients for this cycle:

Catholic Charities of Tompkins/TiogaSupporting Homeless Women's Steps to Stability

Child Development Council: Removing Roadblocks & Postpartum Support

Finger Lakes ReUse: ReUse Materials Access Program

Finger Lakes Toy Library: Playtime Programming

Free Science WorkshopEmpowering Underserved Girls through STEM

Ithaca Children's GardenGaia Circle

Ithaca Health Alliance: Ithaca Free Clinic Healthcare & Diagnostic Services for Women

Learning Farm (khuba International): Quarter Acre for the People

Learning Web: Preventing the Cycle of Abuse and Violence in Young Families

Open Doors EnglishSponsorship Program

Southside Community Center: BGA (Black Girl Alchemists) Spring Break Trip

Tompkins Learning Partners: Busting Barriers with Bus Passes

United Way:  UW/211 ALICE Program

Village at Ithaca: Brown Babes Braiding

Women's Opportunity CenterTable Talks - Women's Wisdom Exchanges


An Unexpected Needs Grant of $1,000 was awarded to the Kitchen Cupboard for the purchase of a new freezer.





Spring 2020 Philanthropic Collaboration Funding
COVID-19 Crisis Period
Community Foundation of Tompkins County COVID-19 Response Fund
In partnership with the Community Foundation of Tompkins County and other funders, CFWO provided rapid COVID-19 crisis response funding for community needs that included technology and technology support to address health needs, equitable and inclusive food security services, and essential worker childcare and safety.

Fall 2020 Philanthropic Collaboration Funding
COVID-19 Recovery Period
United Way of Tompkins County United Way/2-1-1 COVID-19 Response Program
In partnership with United Way of Tompkins County, CFWO provided funding to support a collaborative United Way and Human Services Coalition 2-1-1 COVID-19 response program for those in need during the COVID-19 recovery period. The collaboration fills a gap by funding emergency and basic needs not met through existing programs or providers, and where appropriate, connects people to existing services and providers, to avoiding duplication.

Fall 2020 Tompkins Cortland Community College Foundation
CFWO Legacy Endowed Scholarship
The CFWO Legacy Endowed Scholarship provides college-related financial assistance to an eligible female student studying at Tompkins Cortland Community College who is a resident of Tompkins County.

Fall 2020 CFWO “Women Building Community (up to $5,000) Grants
Advocacy Center of Tompkins County: Urgent Needs Flexible Fund
CFWO funding provides targeted and practical one-time assistance to women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence to address barriers to housing and to improve safety for victims and their children, and addressing immediate pressing needs that cannot be met through other resources.

Center for Transformative Action: Open Doors English Sponsorship Program
CFWO funding enables adult English language learners to participate in comprehensive English classes, taught by experienced ESL teachers, regardless of visa, work status, or the ability to pay.

Child Development Council: Removing Roadblocks, Basic Needs and Postpartum
Funding provides assistance to women enrolled in the Family Services Program for children and parent needs, and to support postpartum health by providing training materials and books for the bi-monthly Postpartum Support Group, allowing it to remain free and open to all new and expectant mothers in the community.

Ithaca Children’s Garden: Gaia Circle
CFWO funding provides free Fall and Spring afterschool program sessions with transportation for Tompkins County middle school girls of all kinds, ages 11-14 years by covering program staff, a teen mentor position, teaching materials/supplies, and transportation expenses.

Ithaca Community Childcare Center (IC3): Single Mom Scholarship Fund
CFWO funding provides for a childcare tuition scholarship fund for children (ages 8 weeks to 10 years) of single Mom’s experiencing hardship or in emergency need for up to six months.

Ithaca Health Alliance: 2021 Ithaca Free Clinic Healthcare and Diagnostic Services for Women
CFWO funding addresses the unique medical and diagnostic testing needs of women.
provides free general medical and diagnostic testing costs for women such as CBC panels, PAP tests, and includes tests that is part of the Clinic’s free Employment Physical program such as PPD-tuberculosis tests.

Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) of Tompkins County: College Initiative Upstate: Wise Women
CFWO funding for OAR’s College Initiative Upstate: Wise Women program provides matching grant assistance to female students who have not been able to proceed with plans to prepare for, enroll in, or continue college because of outstanding debts, fines, other expenses, or unexpected emergencies. Due to the unusual financial impact of COVID-19 for many students, funding enables the “match” to be waived for students who are not able to pay.

Southside Community Center with Buffalo Street Books: Well Read Black Girl Book Club
CFWO funding is used to purchase books of women writers of color, classic and emerging Black women writers in particular, for monthly Southside/Buffalo Street Books collaborative book club discussion sessions to ensure participation regardless of a participants’ financial situation. The program aims to encourage participation among underserved community members and among girls, women, and those identifying as queer, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming in the community and build a stronger community of readers

Women’s Opportunity Center: Technology Devices and Technology Support
CFWO funding provides technology devices and technology support (technology packages) so participants can fully participate in the Center’s core services, job training programs, computer programs, and online career coaching remotely now that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned remote work into a sudden reality for many businesses needing to rapidly reskill their workforces and for women in the community who are seeking to enter the workforce working remotely.

2020 CFWO “Women Building Community Unexpected Needs (Up to $1,000) Grants”
The CFWO Women Building Community Unexpected Needs (Up to $1,000) Grants provide a rolling application grant opportunity to help nonprofits fund unexpected needs or opportunities and/or emergencies and are made to projects that improve the quality of life for Tompkins County women and/or girls.

Child Development Council
CFWO funding during the COVID-19 crisis period was used to purchase no-touch thermometers and provide them to essential childcare providers. Funding was also used to purchase infant formula, baby food, diapers, baby wipes and distribute them to families in need and distribute via a drive through pick up at their office, and through collaboration with other organizations’ delivery food boxes.

Ithaca Children’s Garden
CFWO provided funding to the Ithaca Children’s Garden to cover its unexpected move to a new office location and deep cleaning of that space.

Khuba International CFWO funding addressed mothers’ needs for childcare and financial support by proving scholarships for participation an outdoor STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) program during the COVID-19 postponement of the Ithaca School District’s in-person learning. Funding also provided for the purchase of gender-equity books, and for three women specialist to talk about intersectional topics of women in agriculture, food equity, and culturally relevant agricultural practices.

Village at Ithaca Emergency Fund
CFWO funding enabled the Village at Ithaca, in collaboration with Mutual Aid Tompkins, to collectively address the COVID-19 crisis and fill a gap by providing emergency financial support to families and essential employees in need and not met through existing programs either due to eligibility barriers or overwhelming of current systems.